10 Free Crocodile Stitch Crochet Patterns

You probably know I am a huge fan of the crocodile stitch! In The Steady Hand Etsy shop there are some finished pieces made with the crocodile stitch available for purchase. Most of the patterns I used I purchased from Bonita Patterns BUT there are quite a few FREE crochet patterns that use the crocodile stitch. Below are 10 Free Crocodile Stitch Crochet patterns that I have found and added to my to-do list:


1. Crocodile Stitch Christmas Tree

2. Crocodile Stitch Tea Cosy

3. Mermaid’s Cowl

4. White Crocodile Purse

5. Crocodile Stitch Shawl

6. Crocodile Scarf

7. Crocodile Stitch Adult Hat

8. Crocodile Stitch Owl

9. Crocodile Stitch Bag

10. Crocodile Stitch Scarf

Let me know if you have tried any of these great patterns! If you have or know of a FREE crocodile stitch crochet pattern, please share it in the comments below. Thanks!


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