20 Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

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I put together a new list of Free Halloween Crochet Patterns! You can also check out the list I made back in 2011 for more free Halloween crochet patterns. Have you ever crocheted a whole Halloween costume? That would be so much work. My favorite pattern from this list is definitely the Harlequin Hat Pattern (#11). Which pattern is your favorite? Enjoy!

The patterns are shown in number order in the picture below from left to right on each row.

20 Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

1. Halloween Treat Baskets from stormyzcrochet.weebly.com
2. Halloween Set from freepatterns.com
3. Mini Witch Hat from jennlikesyarn.com
4. Halloween Treat Bag Pattern from petalstopicots.com
5. Halloween Wench Costume from redheart.com
6. Halloween Pennants from lionbrand.com
7. Trick or Treat Halloween Washcloths by Pam Daley
8. Crochet Skull Shawl from kungenomajkis.blogspot.com
9. Gauntlet gloves by theanticraft.com
10. Crochet Chainmail Hood from seilerclan.blogspot.com
11. Harlequin Hat by Nichole Verville
12. Gauntlet Style Fingerless Gloves by Nichole Verville
13. Handy Spider Webs Gloves by Irina Novikova
14. Wims Crochet Hats by Trude Hertaas
15. Devil Horns from vegancraftastic.blogspot.com
16. Ood Ski Mask Crochet Pattern by Lilana Wofsey Dohnert
17. It’s a Hoot Owl Hat & Cape from redheart.com
18. Super Mario & Luigi Hat Pattern from funkychika3.blogspot.com
19. Viking or Dwarven Beard by Melissa Campbell
20. Brain Hat by Heidi Yates

I'd love to hear what you think!

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