2014 Stats for The Steady Hand Blog

Happy New Year!

2014 is now over but 2015 has just begun! Last year was great and my busiest year so far. All thanks to you (my readers). Thank you very much for visiting and reading my blog, entering my giveaways and for all your thoughtful comments. I really appreciate it. I hope we all have a wonderful 2015!

The Steady Hand Blog 2014 Stats - thesteadyhandblog

These are just some of my stats for 2014 from JetPack.

The Steady Hand Blog had:
262,223 visitors
569 published blog posts

The Top Ten Most Viewed Blog Posts for 2014:
1. 10 Free Hello Kitty Crochet Patterns with 32,967 views
2. 10 Free Crocodile Stitch Crochet Patterns with 22,477 views
3. 10 Free Boot Cuff Crochet Patterns with 17,378 views
4. 10 Free Super Bulky Hat Crochet Patterns with 15,263 views
5. 10 Free Disney Inspired Crochet Patterns with 14,611 views
6. 10 Free Children’s Poncho Crochet Patterns with 14,180 views
7. 10 Free Granny Square Crochet Patterns with 12,257 views
8. Bavarian Crochet or Wooleater Crochet Patterns with 7,788 views
9. 11 Free Chevron Crochet Patterns with 5,970 views
10. 10 Free Newborn Photo Prop Crochet Patterns with 5,592 views

The Top 5 websites that referred traffic to The Steady Hand Blog (not blogs).
1. 122,083 from Search Engines (Google Search, Bing & Google Image Search being the top 3)
2. 49,461 views from Pinterest
3. 15,636 views from StumbleUpon
4. 5,810 views from Ravelry
5. 5,194 views from Facebook

The Top 5 blogs that referred traffic to The Steady Hand Blog.
1. 1,291 views from the Craft Passions Blog
2. 789 views from Crochet Street
3. 3296 views from Cuckoo for Coupon Deals
4. 308 views from Oombawka Design
5. 261 from Frugal Follies

Here’s to an amazing 2015…cheers!

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