5 Effective Ways to Design a DIY Wedding


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Great decoration, happy friends and good food, weddings have always been amazing with all these things. Also, there are a lot of things to keep in mind while planning out a wedding. Selecting a wedding venue, gathering props to decorate the place, gifts and many more. Amidst all these, it is also important to keep a tab on the budget which needs even more scrutiny when it comes to people who are in a tight budget. It is true that a wedding is not completely dependent upon the budget to favour happy faces. But it surely helps in making them most out of all the available resources.

A DIY wedding is in the trend these days. People want their wedding to be planned and designed by them and their families. This not only helps to create more memories but also helps to save some extra bucks. Now these DIY weddings can be expensive as well, since you have to individually cater all the needs. To help you out with this, here are some of the best ways to design a DIY wedding.

  • Focus on the entrance first –

This aspect remains a constant irrespective of what size of venue you managed to bag for yourself. The guests would always notice how attractive the entrance of the venue looks like. While planning a DIY wedding this is the best thing to begin with and also to show off your creativity. The entrance can be as per the theme that you want to design, or it can be independent of that. One of the best props for designing the entrance is with flowers that is very much feasible.  You can also go for modern entrances with a simple gate prepared with plastic.

  • Make use of the space –

A very subjective point but can be modified according to the need. If you have a small space as the venue, then do not overuse the props that you have. This makes the place look congested which you would not want. If you have a larger space at your venue, then make a longer entrance to the hall. This would make the wedding appear classier for the vintage and royal themed weddings. Best part about this is, it would save you a lot of unnecessary expenses on things that do not add to the glory.

  • Use the best props –

Props or objects to decorate your venue are one of the most important things to keep in mind. You cannot have loosely collected props, neither can you deal with over use of the props. A balance needs to be there between the props and the kind of theme you want to design yourself for the wedding. This brings to the point, how to find the right props. First thing is to analyse, and the second thing is to explore. Analyze your wedding location and then explore for the best prices of the available props. You can get the best props that you can use at great prices by following these two simple steps. If you have already analysed what you need explore more here.

  • Show your creativity –

Needless to say, this is the fundamental of going for a DIY wedding plan. But the creativity needs to be directed towards the right way. There are a number of examples that are budget friendly and yet spread a sense of creativity. One of such ideas is to serve the guests drinks on glitter alcohol bottles. Imagine the awe in your guest’s expressions when they get to have their drinks from shiny bottles. This is an amazing idea that is very much feasible to carry out. Glitters are cheap and the only extra commodity you need is glue. You can also design the drinks table in the same manner. Know more about how to create glitter alcohol bottles before trying this out.

  • Custom seating –

A clever way to budget the seating area while enhancing the entire look and feel of the wedding. Use scraps like barrels or old furniture to build your seating area. Custom paint them or wrap them with colourful papers for the wedding day and make the seating area happening. You can create amazing design in this way depending upon the theme or independent from it. This would save a lot of extra cash and definitely make up for your tight budget.

You can also check out more cheap DIY wedding designs and take inspiration from what suits your choice.

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