9 Great Gift Ideas For Women

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The majority of women love being surprised with gifts. If you have a daughter, wife, girlfriend, mother, or best friend, perhaps it’s time to show them some appreciation with a creative unique gift. They may say they have it all but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a little something that’s goes above and beyond their expectations. Get inspired by these simple gifts that can make any woman in your life’s day.

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1 – Jewelry

It’s rare to find a woman who does not love jewelry.  Thus, show her how much you care with unique jewelry gift ideas like a ring or pendant.  Each of these pieces can be worn daily and will be cherished throughout her life.  They can also be passed down to future generations as family heirlooms.

2 – Flowers

Flowers are also a great go-to gift for women.  They can brighten her day and enhance a romantic relationship.  When you are giving flowers, make sure to choose the right arrangement for the occasion.  Long stem roses, for example, express love.  Sunflowers, on the other hand, express happiness.

3 – Candy

A great low-budget gift that all women love is candy, especially chocolate.  This gift is often appreciated during stressful times because it provides women with needed comfort.

4 – Shoes

There are few things that women love more than shoes.  Therefore, giving shoes as a gift is usually a good idea.  However, before you rush to the mall to pick out a pair of shoes, make sure you know her shoe size.  Also, it is helpful to understand what styles of shoes she likes to wear.  If you are not sure, bring along her friends to help you choose.

5 – Handbag

In addition to a great pair of shoes, every woman needs a great handbag.  A purse is a great gift option for women.  However, make sure to analyze her current handbag and accessories to determine which option will be best for her.

6 – Cash Gift Card

Since some women are hard to shop for, the best gift to get them is often a cash gift card.  This card allows them to purchase what they want, where they want.  It also relieves your stress, especially if you are shopping for a picky individual.

7 – Perfume

Another great gift idea for women is perfume.  Women love perfume, but often hate to pay for it.  This gift is perfect for husbands and boyfriends because it allows them to pick out a scent that they would enjoy smelling everyday. 

8 – Makeup

In addition to perfume, many women love to receive makeup. Since it can be overwhelming to shop for makeup, keep it simple when you are giving a gift.  Give her something that any woman will need like mascara, black eyeliner, or lip-gloss.

9 – Clothes

Finally, all women love clothes.  If you want to give her something she will enjoy, find out where she shops and buy a few articles of clothing from the store.  Keep the receipt so she can exchange them in case they do not fit.  She will appreciate the thought and effort you went to on her behalf.

Good luck shopping for the women in your life!  Have fun finding the perfect gift to show her how much you care.

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