A Much Better But Busier Day

At least today started and ended well. I took Abby to the library to meet up with some friends and read some books. We then had lunch at Chik-Fil-A. I love that place…my fav is their Spicy Chicken Sandwich…yum!
After nap time (for Abby, I wish) we had another friend over. The weather was real nice today it hit the upper 70s. The kids had a great time playing outside for a while and then came inside to cool down for a bit and play some more. After they left Abby had dinner and she was quite pooped for the day. Went to bed at 7:30.

I am pretty much tired out too. The day was sure busy but it went by quick and that is good. We want the time to go by quickly that way daddy will be home sooner. 🙂 Of course, he just told me he will be traveling again next week. I feel more tired….

I did not get much done in the crochet way and I hope to get back on track with that soon. I found some really great patterns on Ravelry that I really want to try but I need to get this purse out of the way and I also have a custom order afghan that needs to be done as well. I need to find some yarn for the afghan first. The customer sent me a paint swatch that she would like me to match. It is going to be really tough to find a match as it is a Light Mint Green. But I will do my best. Maybe Thursday I will hit the stores and start searching. Tomorrow is another busy day.

While eating dinner on the couch (because that is what I do when my husband is gone) I watched a movie (The Women). I’ve wanted to watch it for a while and it isn’t something that my husband would watch although he does love Meg Ryan. I thought it was pretty good. Nothing spectacular but I love Meg Ryan as well so I would watch any of her movies.

I also watched “Easy A” last week. I thought that was great and will probably re-watch with my husband. I think he would like that one.

Have any of you seen any good movies lately?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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