A Story That Will Make Your Heart Ache

I get lots of requests during the Holiday Season to share things on my blog. Everything and anything from Guest Posts, Happy Birthday Shout-outs, Coupons and more. This year I received an email with a strange request. A lady emailed me her story and asked that I share her GoFundMe page on Twitter.

Due to being burned in the past I asked her to confirm her story by providing me with documentation. She sent me pictures of documents that confirm her story. It was not easy to read about what this woman is going through. I know how hard it is to get to a point where you have to ask for help. A point where you realize that you have done your best, given your all and you don’t have any other options. This lady is putting her story out there. That takes guts. She emailed me proof. That takes a lot of guts!

I will not tell her story here in this blog post because it is her story to tell. Scroll down to the picture and click on it to be taken to her GoFundMe page.

I know that during the holidays there are many requests for help and handouts. I hope that after reading this lady’s story you can find it in your heart to spread the Christmas spirit around just a bit. Pay it forward to a family that is going through a rough time. Thank you!

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