Abby’s Dollhouse

Before my daughter was born, my husband and I had a special craft we did together….we built dollhouses. Quirky, huh? When we lived in Michigan, there was a dollhouse shop that had a kit I thought would be great for Abby. At the time, I was pregnant but we knew she would be a girl, so we bought it. We have had this dollhouse kit ever since just collecting dust in the closet.

I thought that we may put it together for her when she was around 5 or 6. But, we were at a friend’s house and Abby loved playing with her daughter’s little plastic dollhouse and the light bulb went off on top of my head…It was time!!! I told my husband and within a couple days we had the kit in the garage with dollhouse pieces and paint everywhere. It was the fastest dollhouse construction we (most of the work was done by hubs) have ever done. We didn’t run electrical in it though so there are no working lights. We figured those would just be a hazard for a 2 year old. It took probably a full 10 days and it was done. I regret not taking any pictures while we were putting it together but here are some pictures of it all finished.

Everything was hand-painted except for the front door and all the windows (they are plastic). The roof is paper not real shingles.

Daddy wrote the wording on the house with gold pen. We added the gold trim to the windows, front door and trim. Daddy also drew the trim on the square blocks under the window.

Each room has wallpaper and flooring. The stairs and ceilings were painted white.

The attic also has wallpaper and flooring.

We are not buying her furniture for it since I can’t find any sturdy wood furniture that would be the right size. For right now, she just likes to shove all her stuffed animals in it anyway.

I am hoping that it lasts a long time. Maybe one day she can pass it on to her own daughter…

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  • Rachel

    I have always wanted to build a dollhouse but can’t find anyone who wants to take on the project with me!

    • The Steady Hand

      Rachel…I know why! It is a lot of work. We have 3 completely finished dollhouses sitting in my husband’s office. 2 of them have electric lines run thru the house so there are working lights. The largest one took us 6 months to fully complete. I think I will do a blog post showing the pictures of the building process. Building them is hard and a long process but it is totally worth it, if you have the room!

  • Rachel

    I don’t doubt it. I used to have the room but not since getting married. Hopefully when we move into “our house” I can do one. My aunt had one that my grandfather built her and it has always intrigued me. Thanks for stopping by!

  • MusingMom6

    This is so beautiful! I’ve admired them for a long time. Maybe I’ll make one for my grandkids one day.

    My girls loved playing with doll houses. I never would have had the time back then and they loved the Fischer-Price one.

  • Anna @ Dollhouses For Girls

    Not long ago I found out that a dollhouse is the perfect gift for each little girl. In February I bought one for my Alice (3 years old) and she spends 2-3 hours each day playing house. I strongly recommend buying a dollhouse ! They come in different shapes and sizes and children love them . Quality educational toys.

  • PL

    Hi! I just bought the same kit. Hoping to start this weekend. I have some emulsion paint for wall. Not sure if it will stick on the boards. This is my second dollhouse from the same maker. Wonderful quality. Furnishings are available in ebay. The reason i got this is because I purchased too much 1st round and need more room for the furnishings. Its hard work but its all worth the effort!

    • The Steady Hand

      I would love to see pictures of the completed dollhouse! Let me know when you are done and I would love to feature it here on The Steady Hand. Thanks for stopping by and telling me about it. Have a great day!

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