Add Joy to Your Christmas Gifts with These Free Stickers

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For most people, Christmas is the happiest holiday of the year. The reason for that lies in the fact that this holiday has many heart-warming traditions. Although baking yummy cookies and decorating a Christmas tree is something that the whole family enjoys, it’s hard to imagine Christmas without presents. No matter what age, everyone feels special when they see a gift under the Christmas tree with their name on it.

Even though everyone likes to get the present, very often seeking for Christmas gifts during the holiday season can be very exhausting. That’s why crafting gifts at home can be a good idea. Not only are homemade presents fun to make, but also they have some special power to melt people’s hearts. Folks who get handmade gifts know that they are special to you since you spent time creating their gift.


Although crafting can be very amusing and a fun activity to do, sometimes we are in a hurry and we are forced to make good gifts quickly. In situations like these, free Christmas printables can step in as good requisites. They can easily be used as the addition to your gift, or to inspire you to make interesting gifts.

So, if you want to avoid the frustration of the holiday shopping, or you are simply out of ideas for Christmas presents, here are some budget-friendly and festive ideas on how to use these printables for making holiday gifts:

Make a jar candle holder

Candles are something that everyone needs. They can be used as decorations for Christmas dinner, but also for making a warm atmosphere at home during holidays. All you need to do is to apply the printable you like to the outside of an old jar and place a small candle in the jar. Even a plain candle will look great decorated this way and will make a charming holiday gift.

DIY Christmas cards

In today’s digital world, where communication is mostly done through Internet, is there anything sweeter than wishing someone a happy holiday with crafted holiday cards?

You can use paper in various colors, place these stickers on it, write a cheerful note and voilà! Now you have a card ready to be sent.


DIY framed meaningful note

Print out the label, write a personal note or favorite quote on it and frame it. This is a simple but memorable gift. Also, a printable framed like this can be a perfect holiday wall decoration. Imagine how good it will look with these labels hanging on it.

Since Christmas is near and there isn’t too much time left for thinking about all the important details for celebrating this holiday, download these labels and start crafting the gifts for your loved ones on time!

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