Affordable Gift Wrapping Supplies

With the holidays comes presents and lots and lots of wrapping! Wrapping paper, bags, ribbons, tissue paper, bows, boxes…you name it you will need it. Oh and don’t forget the tape. All of those wrapping supplies can easily add up and cost you some serious dinero. I came across a website that has some really cheap prices on all kinds of gift wrapping supplies: ABC Distributing. They have everything you need at great prices and you can buy in bulk. I love it!

Having a party or making cookies to hand out? You can get 24 of these round goodie containers for only $5.95.

Need some gift bags? Say no more…get this set of 12 drawstring gift bags for $2.95

500 gift tag stickers for $2.95…you just can’t go wrong.

Don’t think that just because their prices are cheap means that their shipping charges are expensive. I think their shipping charges are quite reasonable. The price for shipping is based on how much your total order is.

If your order amount is                              Shipping charges are
up to $14.99                                                          $5.95
$15.00 to $24.99                                               $7.95
$25.00 to $49.99                                               $9.95
$50.00 to $59.99                                              $11.95

And it just keeps going up like that the more you spend. Great stuff at amazing prices. Check it out!

All the pictures in this post are from I am not getting paid or getting any free items to write this post. 100% my opinion.

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