Another Day in Fort Worth, TX

Okay so checking the weather this morning and it all about this winter storm moving our way. Supposed to bring rain tonight and turn into snow by early tomorrow morning. They say we are looking at heavy snow of 3-6 inches. Wow! I lived in Fenton, MI before moving here to Fort Worth, TX and heavy snow for up there is nothing less than a foot. But of course, if you are not used to it then it makes all the difference.
I remember last year we had a White Christmas here and it was like people woke up and didn’t know what to do. The home improvement stores don’t sell snow shovels since they don’t expect this sort of thing. There are no salt trucks here so they use sand and by the time they come around the snow has already melted. It is just funny to see people’s reactions to snow coming from a state where snow is common to a state where it is definitely not.

Well, we will see what actually drops. If there is enough I may take my daughter out to play in it.

On to what I am working on…those socks will never get finished, this I know. A friend invited us to her daughter’s 3rd birthday party. So in an effort to further avoid those socks I decided to make her winter hat. Now the birthday party is exactly 3 weeks away. I know it doesn’t take me 3 weeks to make a hat but hey you never know! So I found a really cute pattern in a crochet book that I have “baby crochet” by Lois Daykin. The pattern is called Teddy Hat. I will just be doing the hat portion and not the appliques. But the hat itself is square at the top and has tassels on both sides…very different. Problem was figuring out what color yarn to use. I have so much yarn, seriously. In my craft room right now I have probably more than 200 skeins of yarn that I have obtained off of Craigslist, family members and sales at retail stores. So out of all that yarn, I have nothing pink! I have no idea how that is possible. I think I may have used it all up on another project. So I turned to the next best thing, purple. I will be using Red Heart Worsted Purples (985) which is variegated with purples – whites. I have decided to do the trim and tassels in Solid White Red Heart. I am very excited to see how this hat turns out. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished project!

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