Anyone interested in an Online Yarn Swap/Stashbusting Party?

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I came across a blog post on Lion Brand’s blog entitled How to Host a Yarn Swap & Stashbusting Party.

A yarn swap party sounds like a lot of fun! I know that my yarn stash is a bit overwhelming. Some of the yarns I have had for quite a while, saving them for the perfect crochet project which I just haven’t come across yet. Other yarns I bought just because they were on sale and now because of their color I have no idea what to do with them.

How much yarn do you have in your stash? Would you be interested in an Online Yarn Swap Group?

I am thinking of starting a Facebook Group for yarn stashers. You could post pictures of yarn that you don’t need or want anymore and see if anyone is interested in trading or buying it from you. Or if you are looking for a specific type of yarn, you could ask the group if anyone has some or knows where to get it.

If you are interested in something like this please leave a comment on this post. If I get at least 10 comments then I will create the group and email you the link. If you want an invite to the group just leave a comment.

I will make this group closed so that we don’t have any scammers in there. Any actual transactions (for selling yarn) must be done out of the group via Paypal or whatever payment you decide to accept. I suggest waiting for the payment to go through before you send out your yarn. For yarn trades, I suggest getting a tracking number on your packages so that you have proof the package is delivered. I will create a set of Group Rules that will be posted and all members will have to agree to.

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