Baby, It’s Cold Out There…

I wish I could say I woke up to snow but I didn’t even get the chance to fall asleep first. Stayed up late watching the Criminal Minds Marathon on ION. Then the sleet started falling hitting the windows, almost sounded like we had a tin roof. No sleep for you!!! No rooms in our house do not have windows except for the walk-in-closet in the master bedroom which my husband pointed out this morning. Wish I thought of that last night. Sleet turned to snow around 6-7 AM this morning. I was able to get a couple of hours before my daughter decided it was high time that mommy got off the couch.

With the wind chills here, it is hitting single digits. We are hunkered down for the next couple days. As long as we don’t lose power we are good. Received a Hard Freeze warning for our county just a couple of hours ago that extends until tomorrow morning at 10 AM. I hope our pipes and sprinkler lines hold because I really don’t want that to become an issue.

Here are some pics of what we woke up to…well my daughter and husband woke up to.

To top off the no sleep night I have horrible congestion and sinus pressure. I just want to cut my nose off completely or have my sinus removed either way I just want it to go away!!!
To get me in a better mood this morning, I finished putting the earflaps on a new hat I started. I also added the braids to make my Pigtail hat complete. Tried it on Abby since I need it to fit a 2-year-old and well since Abby is 2, well, there you go!

Let me know what you think. I really think the colors go well together. I kind of created the pattern myself using 2 different patterns and kind of merging them together.
The hat pattern is the Better Late Than Never Beanie by Designs by KN.
The earflap and braid portion of the hat I got the idea from the Seija Set by Bev Ireland out of The Happy Hooker book.
If you want to know exactly what I did just comment and let me know and I will create another post with the specific instructions of the hat. Thanks and keep warm!

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  • Jennifer

    that darn sleet stuff kept me up last night too! it was hitting my bedroom windows SO hard sounded like gravel… all night… ugh. so we're both walkin zombies today haha I LOVe that hat you made!! I would love the pattern/directions if you find time to write em up, im so slow that could keep me busy for weeks haha…

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