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After having a child, shopping for myself is very hard. I am a looker. I love to look at different items and different stores before making my purchase. My daughter on the other hand would rather run around the store. So most of my purchase are done online. It gives me the ability to take my time and buy what I want. Lots of items offered online you can’t even find in stores or at least not for the price offered online. for example has clothing, shoes, purses and more all in one place. They offer all the brands you are looking for like Brighton, Burberry, Fendi and Vera Wang just to name a few.

I could spend all day looking at shoes. has quite a selection. Here are a couple that I fell in love with.

Purses are another must have fashion accessory! It takes me so long to find just the right purse since I am so picky. My purse has to match whatever I decide to wear. It has also has to be large enough to hold baby wipes and my daughter’s Mobi but without looking bulky. has the largest online selection of purses I have ever seen. I would never be able to go though them all. I like that you are able to search by Designer, Color and Style to at least narrow down your options. They even have Prada, Gucci and Fendi handbags, if you are looking for luxury.

Such great stuff…I could browse all day but then I would never get this posted!

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