Boo to Hobby Lobby

Today was another cold one…ice on the roads has not melted and is not looking to be going away anytime soon. They are predicting maybe an inch of snow overnight. We were going stir crazy so we went to Chik-Fil-A in Lake Worth for lunch. Abby was very happy to be out of the house and loves their play area. I love their Spicy Chicken Sandwich…yum!!! Our first plan was to go to Pump It Up on Beach St. but after calling them, the manager told me they were closed due to the weather and would be re-opening tomorrow…boo!!

In the afternoon we decided to go to Hobby Lobby in Lake Worth so I called them just to be sure they would be open and the lady that answered the phone plainly told me that she didn’t know how much longer they would be open. She said that they had been closing early due to the weather so she couldn’t tell me for sure that they would be open when I got there. Are you kidding me?? We still had to wait until Abby woke from her nap. So after she did I called again right before we were leaving and the man who answered the phone (you see how they are still open?) proceeded to tell me how they are open now but that could change 5 minutes from now. I was not happy with how I was being treated on the phone…not at all.

We decided to go anyway and when we got there there were at least 20 people in the store walking around and lots of employees just standing around. I understand their employees would rather have a snow day and go home but come on! If you have customers then you stay open and you do not tell customers that call that you could be closing in 5 minutes! By the way their normal business hours are 9 AM to 8 PM. All this happened between the hours of 1 PM and 3 PM.

So based on that I think I may start going to JoAnn’s and Michael’s for my art supplies in the future. They are farther away but I get better service than that.

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  • Jennifer

    yeh im generally unimpressed when i go to their store also… the staff at that one in particular are well… less than competent to say it nicely lol… i would be sure the manager knew how u were talked to tomorrow when they open!

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