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I started designing my own crochet patterns late last year. You can find all my crochet patterns in my Craftsy or Ravelry Shop. When writing up my patterns I try my best to include how much yarn you will need for the project. Some times it is easy to figure out like when I use a little less or more than a skein. I usually round-up just to be sure. For some of my other projects it was impossible to guess. I looked online and decided I needed a yarn yardage counter.

They range in price from $5 all the up to a couple $100 depending on how big or how advanced a machine you are looking for. I decided to go with the cheapest one available on Amazon and that is the Boye Yarn Yardage Counter. I paid $4.88 for it.

boye yarn yardage counter

It is very small. It has 2 suction cups on the back so you can attach it to your work table.

yarn yardage counter

The 2 suction cups didn’t work that well for me. I have a laminate wood tabletop and they would stick for a bit then just pop off. At one point I just stuck it in a drawer and left it open enough for the yarn to go through. I wish there was a better way for it to stay stationary.

 yardage counter

Other than the suction cups not working well it does everything else right. You place the yarn in the slot, flip the switch on the back that clamps down the yarn and just run the yarn through. It does the job very well.

I am debating on whether to buy another yardage counter just because the Boye one doesn’t stick to the table. The only other ones I can find on Amazon are these 2:

This one is sold by NKK. It includes a wooden base and heavy-duty table clamp (fits tables up to 1.75″ thick). It says in the description that you will need a ball winder to pull the yarn through but I don’t think that is quite necessary.

If you have any tips on how to measure yarn or if you have a yardage counter let me know. I would love to know what you use and where you bought it.

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