BROOKIE COOKIE Special on Kickstarter!

brookie cookie

The BROOKIE COOKIE is now offering their fans SPECIAL Free Samples with Free Shipping for $1.99 contribution on their Kickstarter page. They are giving away samples to reach their goal, with only 4 days left…hurry while supplies last! Be sure to share with your friends to take advantage of this promotion. See what their fans think about these yummy cookies ( The deadline is Friday 5/24/13, but I don’t think they will last…hurry!

Here is some info on the Original Chocolate BROOKIE COOKIE:

The BROOKIE COOKIE  Original Chocolate Cookie (w/o nuts). Sink your teeth into this delicious double chocolate delight without nuts for those who prefer a smoother chocolate experience. This cookie is available in “de-lite” which is 1/2 of the sugar and calories of the original , perfect for dieters and those watching sugar intake. This cookie is available in vegan, which has no milk, butter or eggs.

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