Celebrate Thanksgiving with These Joyful Printables

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Thanksgiving is only three weeks away, so it’s a perfect time to start preparing for this special holiday.

If you are planning to throw a big Thanksgiving party or just a small family gathering, you should think about a couple of things: making Thanksgiving decorations, choosing what meals to prepare and picking fun games to play with your guests.

Maybe it sounds like a lot, but don’t worry, Thanksgiving stickers can make your job easier.

These cute free stickers can be used in various ways and below are some ideas on how they can ease the preparation of your Thanksgiving dinner.

When organizing the Thanksgiving dinner or party, you will definitely need a guest list and invitations. Decorate your guest list, table name cards, name tags and dinner invitations with these stickers to give them a holiday theme.


Put them on candle holders and napkin rings and ensure your dinner table is decorated in the Thanksgiving spirit.

And when the dinner is over, your guests can use these free stickers as personal thank you notes. Furthermore, you can print some extra stickers and apply them on wrapped leftovers and treats. That way your guests will have a special memory of the Thanksgiving dinner they spent at your place.

Check out these free printables that can be printed on regular or self-adhesive paper and add fun to your Thanksgiving celebration.

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