Check out our K’nex Theme Park!

My husband has become obsessed with K’nex building toys. He scoured eBay for any and all K’nex listings and bought 3 or 4 so that he could build this massive theme park for my daughter. Check out the pictures below.

Here he is putting the roller coaster together. It even has a motor that runs a cable to take the cars up the track!

Building a knex rollercoaster - thesteadyhandblog

This is a Ferris Wheel he made.

knex ferris wheel - thesteadyhandblog

This is the completed roller coaster.

knex rollercoaster - thesteadyhandblog

I am not sure how this really ties in but it is an SUV with a Boat Trailer.

knex suv with boat trailer - thesteadyhandblog

And this is a picture of our K’nex Theme Park. On the left-hand side of the picture you can see a smaller orange roller coaster that my husband also built. My daughter loves to put her small Sesame Street characters on the rides. The large green roller coaster is her favorite.

knex themepark - thesteadyhandblog

Pretty neat, huh? This room is actually our formal dining room. We use our Breakfast Nook as our dining area so this room became my daughter’s informal playroom on the 1st floor. She is going to take over the whole house soon.

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