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For anyone who has a young child, you know that cutting their hair is something that you want to be memorable (especially the 1st time) and it is also something you want to avoid. I remember wishing very hard for my daughter’s hair to grow out and now that it has, I want to take back all that wishing. Her hair is past her shoulders and she won’t let me do anything with it. I try to put it up in a pony or put a bow in it and just rips them right out. It is time for a haircut!

My husband and I are both too afraid to go near my daughter with scissors. We will leave that to the professionals, although it has been hard to find a hair stylist that will touch our daughter’s hair. Lucky for us, a Cool Cuts 4 Kids opened up in Hurst, TX, just a 20 minute drive away. Cool Cuts 4 Kids specializes in cutting children’s hair…it is all they do!

They have cool little seats for your little one that they will actually want to sit in.

Their salons are completely kid-friendly with entertainment zones to keep the kids occupied and take their minds off the fact that they are getting their haircut. This sounds like the perfect place for my daughter!

To seal the deal, Cool Cuts 5 Kids is offering $5 off any Kid’s Haircut until July 31, 2011. I am going to try and make an appointment to get Abby’s haircut when Daddy is home, I know he won’t want to miss this. Once we do go in, I will do my best to get some pictures without freaking her out and do another post. I am hoping it goes well, I will let you know!

Have you been or are you planning on going? I would love to hear how it went, let me know in the comments.

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