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So my husband has a Steady Hand as well!! He likes to build wood toys for our daughter, well more like teaching tools that we have seen at Museum’s or online/magazines. Here are a couple he has done so far…
He started with a felt board that works with those felt pieces you can buy at the teacher store:

Then he moved on to a much larger item, Abby’s book house. He originally got this idea from when we went to the children’s museum in Lansing, MI. After looking online and doing some research this is what he made:

My hubby didn’t really make this but he did try it just didn’t turn out well. So we ended up buying this magnetic board but the concept is still pretty cool. We used the magnetic board for the toy we got her for Christmas. It is supposed to sit on the refrigerator but then that would leave yucky fingerprints all over so this seems like a much better idea.

And finally we have the light table. This is so awesome!! He got this idea from the Children’s Museum in San Antonio, TX. There are multiple tops that are interchangeable: the light top, one for gears, one for legos and even one with a bucket to play with water or rice.

My daughter, Abby, loves it! She is constantly playing with it. Thank you Daddy!!!

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