Cravebox Review: EBoost Daily Health Booster

I received 3 packets of EBOOST Daily Health Booster drink mix in my February 2012 Cravebox. I do not get into these types of items. Isn’t it the same concept as taking a vitamin everyday? Now that they have adult chewable vitamins there isn’t much of  a reason to make drinkable vitamins too. Someone’s using it I am sure so that is why they make it.

You pour the packet into a glass, add 8 fl. oz. of water, stir and drink. It doesn’t have any sugar, only 5 calories, no artificial flavors and tons of vitamins.

This is not an item that I would normally buy and I am not even remotely interested in it. These 3 packets will probably sit in a cabinet in my kitchen until I feel like drinking something orange-flavored or until my husband throws it away…it’s the truth!

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