Crochet Fluffy Hats and Booties

I love Super Bulky yarn that is soft and fluffy. I had some skeins of LB Baby Homespun yarn that I found out is actually now discontinued. Not sure why, the yarn is perfect for hats, booties and baby blankets because it is so soft. I only had 1 skein and it was a light green. So I made some hats and booties!

The free pattern I used for the booties is called Baby Cloud Booties. They are very simple and use very little yarn. For the hat, I used the Teddy Bear Earflap Beanie pattern from Polka Dot Posh minus the ears and earflaps of course. You should definitely check out Polka Dot Posh for some seriously cute crochet patterns. Her prices are very reasonable and her patterns are easy to read and fast to work up.

I made a total of 3 hats and 2 pairs of booties! There is just a tad bit of yarn left that I added to my blanket basket.

Top left: the hat and booties set. Size: Newborn – 3 Months. Booties measure 4″long. Hat measures 13″ around and 5″ tall.

Top right: Size: 6 – 12 months. Booties measure 5″ long. Hat measures 16″ around and 6″ tall.

Bottom left hat: Size: 3-6 months. Measures 14″ around and 6″ tall. Bottom center booties are from the 6-12 month set. Bottom right hat is from the Newborn – 3 months set.

So what do you think? Yes, I did use a ball of crochet cotton as a baby head. It is the only thing I have that is comparable in size…lol.

These items are available for purchase at The Steady Hand Store.

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  • Lauren

    Aww man! I love that yarn! I just made some baby cocoons with it. I’ll have to find another yarn to make them with! 🙁 Sad.

    Love your little hats and booties. I have to try those booties. Every time I try a pattern I can never seem to get it right.

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