Crochet Headband with Flower

I love to wear headbands to help keep my short hair out of my face…especially when I am crocheting since I tend to look down the whole time. So when I saw this free crochet pattern for a Headband with Flower on the creativeyarn blog I had to give it a try. I am not very satisfied with how it turned out. The pattern called for cotton yarn but I had some LB Wool-Ease leftover from a previous project that I figured I could use, don’t do that. The cotton yarn gives it more support so it doesn’t look as floppy as mine turned out.

So you can see it is pretty floppy and the flower doesn’t look as stiff as I would like. I am going to redo it with some cotton yarn and hopefully that comes out better. Overall, I think the design is pretty cute. I am also going to try and make a smaller one for my daughter although I highly doubt she will let me tie it on her. She hates it when I mess with her hair, ugh!

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