Crochet Hook Charm Necklace from Silver Threads of Hope

You know I love to crochet, right? I am always on the lookout for crochet accessories, bags and jewelry. Pretty much anything to show off that I crochet and that I love it. Silver Threads of Hope – Jewelry and More recently posted a picture of a Crochet Hook Charm Necklace on her Facebook page. When I saw it I knew that I had to have it. She runs great sales and that following weekend she had a sale on that necklace and I bought it, of course.

2 weeks later and I received my necklace in the mail.

Silver Threads of Hope packaging Collage - thesteadyhandblog

Check out the necklace! It is a Sterling Silver, Diamond-Cut, 18″Necklace made in Italy (1.5mm). I am not sure what all that stuff means…all I know is that it is beautiful and super-shiny!

Crochet Hook Necklace Collage - thesteadyhandblog

Crochet Hook Pendant Necklace Collage - thesteadyhandblog

I absolutely love it and it is my favorite necklace to wear. Thank you to Silver Threads of Hope for making me this beautiful necklace!

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