Crochet: Knotty Hat

I can’t ever seem to keep up with blogging about my crochet projects! I am more intent on moving on to the next one. So now I have finally created a folder of pictures of my completed projects that I need to blog about. The folder has over 100 photos in it…lol. I haven’t even listed some of my new items on Etsy either. I would rather just keep crocheting. But I seriously need to get to work listing some items so that I can make more yarn stash money. Surprisingly, I am doing a very good job cracking down on my yarn stash and I haven’t bought any new yarns lately. Yay for me!

Anyway, here is a Crochet Knotty Hat that I completed about a month ago. I used the Knotty Flower Hat pattern by Kristi Simpson. I didn’t add the flower since I am making the hat for a boy. I used a multi-colored white, blue, brown and green acrylic yarn.

It is for a newborn. So what do you think? What have you been working on lately?

Written byAprile Mazey
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