Crochet Projects from last week

Last week was definitely a whirlwind. I don’t remember much about it but I have a couple of great projects to show for it!

This pair of Grey Alpaca Crocodile Stitch Armwarmers was just listed in my Etsy Shop. Not sure if I shared this item with you yet. The pattern is of course from the wonderful The yarn I purchased from They are soft and go on very smooth. The armwarmers can be worn stretched like shown in the picture below or bunched up around your wrist. Either way they look good!

Grey Alpaca Crocodile Stitch Armwarmers

This Mohawk Hat was also recently listed. The Mohawk and trim are done with black, white and gray acrylic yarn. The yarn I upcycled from an old knit sweater. The hat measures 21″ around 8″ tall (not including mohawk and earflaps). Mohawk is 2″ long. Earflaps are 4″ long. Hat will stretch to fit. I love the curly mohawk!

I also crocheted up a pair of Crocodile Stitch Gauntlets. I have yet to list them on Etsy but they should be up soon. Gauntlets measure 9″ long and 8″ around and will stretch to fit an average size hand. There is a finger loop to keep the gauntlets up. I purchased from Yarn is Night Sky color recycled fine 100% merino wool yarn. Pattern is from

I also made a matching Crocodile Stitch Cloche. One size fits most. Cloche measures 20″ around and 8″ tall. Will stretch to fit. Yarn purchased from Yarn is Night Sky color recycled fine 100% merino wool yarn. Pattern purchased from

One of my newest creations that I have wanted to do for a long time is this Market Bag. The bag measures 14″ tall and 14″ wide. The handles are 16″ long and 2 1/2″ wide. I have tested the durability of this bag and it can hold up to 30 lbs, probably more. Tightly crocheted with Plastic Polypropylene Twine. Lightweight, synthetic, polypropylene fiber provides strength and durability. Contains 30% recycled content.

Last but not least is this Crocodile Stitch Choker. Choker is 11 inches long with 10 inch ties on each end. Hand-crocheted and lightly blocked. Closure: Tie or knot in the back of neck with thread ties. The choker is black with hints of dark blue. Please view the last picture to see the choker in sunlight. Yarn purchased from Yarn is Night Sky color, recycled fine 100% merino wool yarn.

Oh boy…it seems like a lot but I think I missed a couple of weeks. I also made some craft purchases that I will talk about in another post. What have you been working on?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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