Crochet – T-Shirt Yarn Flower Hotpad

I was so excited after I made my first ball of t-shirt yarn. You can read all about it and see pictures here: My first attempt at making t-shirt yarn.

I started searching for free and easy patterns to try online. I found this blog called My Recycled Bags. So great! She has free patterns for t-yarn, grocery bags and pretty much everything and anything you can crochet with. I decided to try her T-Yarn Flower Trivet Hotpad pattern. The pattern was very easy to read and work-up. My only problem was that I wasn’t used to holding such thick material and my cuts weren’t very straight so the t-yarn went from thick to thin in many places. (Note to self: Be sure to cut t-shirt yarn straighter next time and thinner too.)

Ball of t-shirt yarn ready to be worked up

I forgot to take pictures until I was already almost finished. Sorry! It works up very fast.

All Done!

I think it came out okay based on my t-yarn issue. It is very thick and will work great as a hotpad. I can’t wait to try out more patterns from the My Recycled Bags blog.

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