Cross Blog Conversation With Kathryn from Diary of a Smart Chick – Day Five

This week I’m doing a cross-blog conversation with Kathryn from Diary of a Smart Chick. You probably know Kathryn from Crochet Concupiscence which I have mentioned on my blog before. Kathryn is also the blogger behind Diary of a Smart Chick which is pretty much about everything minus crochet. Each day we will be asking and answering questions to each other on our blogs.

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If you’re not caught up yet, here are the posts in this conversation so far:

Hi Kathryn,

Thanks, I am glad you liked the photos of my San Francisco trip. I am great about taking the pictures but no so much putting them in albums or making scrapbooks. Once in a while, when I feel the urge, I will get the pictures printed and put them in albums. I have about 8 filled so far with the places we have been. More of the pictures I print and hang now are of our daughter and family.

Thank you for telling me what the name of that structure was, The Palace of Fine Arts. It was beautiful. If we ever go back I would like to go there again. When we were there a wedding was going on at the same time. I think it would be wonderful to have a special occasion held there.

I have tons of pictures of our trip to Belize and Guatemala. I have done a couple of posts on the trip with some pictures:
Belize Zoo
Black Hole Drop Adventure in Belize
I have another post coming out next week of the time we spent in Guatemala and one final one probably the week after of our stay in San Pedro. We were supposed to go to Puerto Rico last year but I canceled the trip because I couldn’t stand being away from my daughter. I know now that there is no way we can travel without her so we are prepping her with some short trips and hopefully by the time she is 5, she will be a seasoned traveler.

Funny that you mention road trips. When I lived with my aunt in California, we went on a road trip from there to Florida to visit Disney World. I was only about 5 or 6 at the time so I don’t remember much. But I do remember camping on the side of the road and Disney World, of course. I would love to see pictures of your trip to Buenos Aires! That is one place my husband has on his list. We are thinking of going to North Carolina sometime this year. My husband has an aunt that travels there every year and she says it is beautiful. I would love to see their beaches. Chicago is like San Francisco in that there is so much to see and do. We lived in a suburb (when we lived in IL) but would take the train into the city on the weekends and would spend all day just walking around. The aquarium there is amazing!

First, I would love to go back home to Hawaii. Show off my daughter to my friends and family there. Then I would hightail it over to Prague. My husband went there for the weekend when he was up that way. When he got home all he could talk about was the markets and the food. I want to see for myself!

I think it is better to be car-free when living in an area like you do. I only hear about the traffic in LA on the news but I would rather hear about it than be in it. Before I had a kid, I was all for flying. Now that I do, I would rather stick to driving but my husband has other plans. The best places to go…you obviously have to fly there. I think it is so weird because he travels A LOT! Some months he will fly 4-5 times but then other times he won’t need to. You would think he would get tired of it but he doesn’t, he still loves it. To get back on topic…I prefer to drive for trips about or less than 6 hours. Anything longer than that then I will fly but I won’ t be very comfortable.

My husband and I are weird when it comes to making decisions. We will talk and debate out something for days sometimes weeks before we come to a decision. We may over analyze a bit but I think it is better than just jumping into something.

When I was pregnant I wanted everything to be perfect for the birth. I read a lot of books and looked at all my options from having the baby at home to in the hospital and even in a bathtub. I decided to go with having the baby in the hospital with my Doctor present. The pregnancy itself was not bad. The 1st trimester I had some morning sickness but nothing horrible. The 2nd trimester was the best and when we took our last vacation to the East Coast just me and my husband. The 3rd trimester was very slow going. I was huge, everything was swollen and it was very hard to get around. I am 5’2 and at the end of my pregnancy I gained over 50 lbs. I won’t say the exact weight but it was a lot. I was retaining a lot of water and I just wanted it to be over with!

My daughter decided to come about 5 days early. My husband and I were sitting at home and I told him that I thought I was having contractions. I mean, it was my first time so I wasn’t totally sure. We started timing them and by the time they were about 5-10 minutes apart we left for the hospital. We lived a little more than an hour away so we wanted to give ourselves enough time to get there. My husband wanted to leave sooner…worrying about giving birth in the car (that rarely happens). When we arrived at the hospital, they checked me out and had me lie down for a while in the check-in area to see how far apart my contractions were. My husband and I were talking and laughing, so happy that the time had finally come. Things got quiet and we both looked at each other like something was wrong. I was hooked up to a couple of different monitors and the beeping had stopped. Before we had the chance to call the nurse we were swarmed with about 5 different nurses and the on-call doctor. Things got a little crazy. The beeping that stopped was for my daughter’s heartbeat. They had to do some things (that I won’t mention) but we got her heartbeat back. After that they checked me in to the hospital as I obviously wasn’t leaving. We were moved to our room and got settled in. I was given Petocin to get the contractions to come faster which backfired because after 3 hours of that, the contractions were coming too close together and we lost her heartbeat again. The doctor-on-call told me that the contractions were not giving her time to breath. At this point, I was very angry. Where was my doctor? Why aren’t they doing more? My husband and I told the doctor-on-call that we would like to have a c-section to prevent any more issues and to get her out as soon as possible. 5 hours later my doctor finally arrived and advised us not to do the c-section. They gave me more of the Petocin and finally I was ready to go. 18 hours from the time we checked into the hospital…I finally gave birth my daughter. We were so happy and relieved. She was perfect. Full head of dark hair and all 10 fingers and 10 toes. They whisked her away to do their tests and get her cleaned up. My husband and I then feasted on some wonderful sushi, now that I could actually eat it. 45 minutes later I was experiencing a dull pain. I called the nurse and told her about it and also the feeling of pressure like I had to push. She called my doctor while another nurse put me back on the pain meds. 30 minutes later…I was experiencing the worst pain of my life (worse than the actual birth) and my doctor finally shows up. At this point…I really wanted to hurt my doctor in every way possible and so did my husband. We were not with him at all! So he checks me out and I have developed a hematoma from giving birth. I was rushed to the OR so they could take care of it. Because of the hematoma, they wanted me to stay in the hospital for 3 days…normally they only keep you for 24-48 hours. I was very adamant that I wanted to go home right away. My daughter was fine but I was in immense pain and very uncomfortable. The hospital wasn’t helping and neither was my doctor. We got home the day before Thanksgiving. It took me about 2 weeks to get back to normal.

I hope this story doesn’t scare anyone who wants to have a baby. These sorts of things are not normal. My only advice is know your doctor well and if you can get a midwife to help you out. They can step in for you since you will be preoccupied and instruct the doctor on what you want. Interview the doctors and midwives if you have to but when it comes down to it, you need someone that will do what you want when you want it. I trusted my doctor because I thought they would make the right decisions for me and you know, they are supposed to know what they are doing. In the hospital…I didn’t feel like my doctor was helping me out at all. The on-call doctor for the hospital was on my side more. Sorry so long!

I agree with you. I love my blog and I spent a lot of time getting everything just right with the set-up and design. Now I rarely if ever spend time promoting myself. I would rather spend that time writing up a new post.

I would rather shop at a small indie store and a craft fair then step foot into a Walmart. It is hard to avoid them when they are everywhere and 24 hours.

I love Mexican…I will jot these down for whenever we head to the Tucson area. Don’t you just love the hole in the wall places? That is where I find the best Chinese food out here. When it comes to Fast Foot, I prefer Arby’s, Chipotle and Qdoba.

LOL – your picks in music are funny. Eminem, huh? Oh boy…well I am a huge Michael Jackson fan. Always have been so I listen to him a lot. You can also catch me listening to Country, Pop/Top 40, 80’s music for sure and for some reason I find a lot of music from watching movies. I watched Drive last week…I won’t talk about it because not sure if you have or want to watch it yet – if you do…we have to talk about that. Anyway, I love this song called Nightcall by Kavinsky, here is the link to it on YouTube if you want to give a listen:

For anyone, visiting the Fort Worth area I would recommend a visit to the Stockyards (family destination). You can watch the cattle drive, listen to some live country music at Billy Bob’s Texas and there are lots of great shops and restaurants. If you aren’t into the Wild Wild West, head on down to Sundance Square (more for the adults) which is in the heart of downtown Fort Worth. You will find tons of bars, nightclubs and very nice restaurants. I like to go down there just to walk around. There are nice shops, outdoor music and they decorate it very pretty for the holidays. When they weather is good it can get very busy but there are lots of parking garages.

Questions for Kathryn:

  • I would love to see some pictures of your trip to Buenes Aires, would you share some? What did you visit while you were there? Where did you stay?
  • Do you make money with your blogs? How?
  • How do you get around where you live? Is everything in walking distance or do you you take public transportation?
  • Have you ever been to a live event (concert, play, etc)? What did you see and did you like it? Or what would you like to see?
  • Do you have any goals for your blog for 2012?

Do you have any questions for Kathryn? Share them in the comments and I’ll ask!

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