DIY Wall Mounted Charging Station

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We have a lot of electronics: tablets, readers, phones and a MP3 player. With all of this cool stuff comes all different kinds of plugin chargers. Thankfully some of them can be used for more than 1 item like my husband’s phone and mine use the same charger but everything else seems to have their own.

It gets very frustrating having to sort through all the cords or trying to find the right charger for what you need. My husband decided it was time to get a little organized and created a Wall Mounted Charging Station for everything. Having it wall mounted would get everything off the table or floor and also take up less room.

To do this he went to Target and bought a magazine rack…yes, a magazine rack. He mounted it on the wall and this is what we have:

Each rack holds something different. The top rack is for my nook. The middle rack holds my daughter’s tablet and the bottom rack is for my husband’s. Our phones charge on here as well. During the day most of the items are being used so it is only at night that it gets full. He mounted it right next to an outlet so the cords are easily accessible. He also mounted it low enough so that our daughter would be able to reach it.

You can do this yourself with some of these other wall-mounted racks. If you want to hide the cords you can get a rack that is made of wood or plastic and drill a hole into the sides so that the cords aren’t so visible.

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