Do you expect too much out of your children?

Sometimes I think I do…

There are days that I expect my daughter to
– tell me what she wants
– actually want to use the potty
– help me clean up her toys
– answer me when I call her name
– eat what I give her
– call me mommy

But then I remember she is 2 years old…she is a child. It is hard to teach someone how to do something when they do not want to be taught. She fights me on everything and it is so frustrating! But I like many other parents continue on…repeating word after word, showing them over and over. This will never end. After all these struggles there are always so many more. Reading, writing, etc.

Being a parent is hard and it requires a lot of patience…a lot of patience. I may expect out a lot out of my daughter but I will only get what I teach her in turn.

The things I don’t have to expect and the things she gives so freely are the things that I love the most about my daughter. Her hugs. Her kisses. Her love. This is what matters…not what I expect from her.

Sometimes, I just need a little reminder. Sometimes I just get caught up comparing her to other kids and what she should be doing. This is an admission that is not easy to make since it doesn’t really look good for me as a parent but it is the truth. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder, a little kiss, a little hug that our child is like no other. They are all different and that is what makes them special. No expectations are needed…

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