I finished my current crochet project.

I think it looks pretty good. The colors go really well together. The hat fits babies 6 months and stretches up to 2 years old. I am selling this on my website The Steady Hand for $25 (including shipping).

Since that is done I was supposed to go back to those darn socks but I made up another project since I really don’t want to. My daughter needed a pillow case so I decided to just make her one with all the fabric I have hoarded. I looked up some instructions but found out that it really wasn’t necessary. Pretty much just measure the pillow, add 2 inches to the side and 6 to the length. That way you have an extra inch for sewing and 4 inches on the top for the fold. Pretty easy. I am already done. Took me longer to cut the fabric out than to sew it. I may do a couple more of those with a solid color fabric and embroider some stuff on there. For my daughter I used a pink fabric with goose on them. Doesn’t match anything in her room but it is what I had.

Now I have no choice but to go back and finish the pair of socks. Hopefully this won’t take me too long. I want to make some more hats with some new yarn I have.

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