Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless Vacuum

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We purchased our first Dyson Vacuum back in 2005 or early 2006. I think they were relatively new to the market back then (and very expensive). We went with the DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum. It looks like the one pictured below from Dyson’s website. Our is purple. It has probably changed through the years but the features and style are pretty much the same.

We have never had an issue with our Dyson Vacuum. It has moved with us to 2 different states and 2 different homes. I use it to vacuum the floors, ceiling fans, moldings, vents and pretty much anything else that can be vacuumed. I love it and think what we paid for it is totally worth it.

Last Black Friday (2012) I noticed that stores were having sales on Dyson products. You never see Dyson products on sale and coupons are never valid on them. Every ad I saw was the same. Get 20% off any Dyson vacuum. I took this opportunity (well my husband did) to get the new Dyson DC44. I had seen the commercials for quite a while and wanted one very badly.

dyson dc44 animal vacuum - thesteadyhandblog.com

Once we got it out of the box I couldn’t wait to give it a try. It comes with all the attachments you see in the pictures and the wall mount. We decided to hang it in my daughter’s playroom which is on the 2nd floor. It would pretty much be used on the 2nd floor anyway.

dyson handheld vacuum - thesteadyhandblog.com

It looks so sleek and is very lightweight. I am not the strongest person in the world but I can hold the entire unit with one arm for about 4 minutes (before my arm starts shaking).

dyson cordless vacuum - thesteadyhandblog.com

It locks into the wall mount to charge. It is a cordless vacuum which to me is just amazing. I have vacuumed the entire 2nd floor on just 1 charge.

handheld cordless vacuum - thesteadyhandblog.com

To vacuum the stairs or other areas where the long extension is not needed this is what the vacuum looks like. Press the red button and the vacuum will run, let it go and it will stop. No switches or buttons to press. To clean, the attachment comes off and the canister pops off. You can dump it out (and I like to rinse it with water). I probably keep my vacuums cleaner than my house.

This vacuum is my favorite Dyson product so far. I still use my other Dyson (primarily on carpet and rugs) and I use this new one for everything else. Thank you Dyson for creating such great products!

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5 comments to Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless Vacuum

  • Garrick Dee


    Thank you for sharing this. By the way How did it perform on carpet and on hard floors? How was the performance on pet hair? and how is it holding up so far. I have a website dedicated to cordless vacuums (link right on my name), I base my reviews on consumer reviews on the net… just wanted to know the real world performance.

    Thanks again.

    • The Steady Hand

      Thanks for stopping by Garrick!

      Carpet – it does great. The rotating brushes pick up everything from small toys to hair.
      Hard floors – great. Picks up everything.
      Pet Hair – I do not have a pet that sheds but it does a great job of picking up people hair.

      So far I have had no problems with it. I was also able to use it to vacuum my blinds. Took me over 30 minutes and it didn’t lose its charge. I love it and think it is well worth the cost.

  • Garrick

    That’s great to hear, thank you for sharing your review 🙂

  • Scally

    Have you looked at the Gtech AirRam vacuum cleaner? It’s cheaper than the Dyson and just as powerful. I heard the Dyson can do about a twenty minute run time which doesn’t seem like much to me, the AirRam can do 45 minutes on one charge.

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