Easy Crochet Bracelets – Free Pattern

When I was trying out a new crochet bracelet pattern, I made a mistake and ended up with what I am showing you today. These are super easy to make and all you need is just some leftover yarn lying around. Took me maybe 5-10 minutes to work up each one. This would be a great pattern for a newbie or even to teach a child how to crochet.

They would be perfect for kids since they are made of yarn, they really can’t hurt themselves with it. Great as party favors or gifts. Paranoid mom that I am, I was thinking they would perfect as an identifier too if you made them in a very bright color. You would always be able to find your child!

free crochet bracelet pattern - thesteadyhandblog

free crochet bracelet pattern 2 - thesteadyhandblog

Ready for the pattern?

Crochet Bracelet

(Leave a 10″ tail)

Ch 25, SC in 2nd ch from hook. SC in each rem ch across. 3 sc in last ch. Turn piece so that you are working on the opposite side.

SC in each ch across. 2 sc in last ch. Fasten off.

Do not weave in loose ends. They will be the ties for the bracelet. Match the ends up and cut them so they are the same length.


Now go crazy! Add some flowers or use different color yarn to make stripes. This pattern is so simple you can practically do anything with it. If you need to make it larger or smaller just add more or less chains in the beginning until you get the size you want. Let me know how yours turn out! I would love to see some pics.

I have these bracelets for sale at The Steady Hand Store, custom orders only. 4 bracelets for $3.00 (includes shipping and tax). You choose the colors.

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