eFoods Global Freedom Tour

I recently found out about eFoods Global and I just wanted to share what I learned, some great blog posts and also a wonderful deal!

From their website:
eFoods Global is a premier food reserve company in Utah. This isn’t your ordinary food storage or military-style MRE food. This food tastes awesome! Trust me on this one. It is to-die-for delicious!

Their mantra is: SERVE, SAVE, SHARE. You can SERVE it tonight for dinner, SAVE it for future times of need, and SHARE it with others to help them get prepared.

eFoods is currently offering 6 FREE meals to anyone who will take their “FOOD FREEDOM TOUR”. The tour is a series of 5 short videos illustrating why being prepared with food storage is important, and why eFoods is the obvious choice.  The 6 meals are FREE and customers are asked to pay $9.95 for shipping.

You can read more about eFoods Global on the following blog posts:

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Disclosure:  The links are sponsored by eFoods Global, but, as always, the thoughts and opinions are mine!

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