Etsy shop owners, check out Anafore Ignite!

Before I get started about how great this Etsy Application is let me just say that I won a Free 3-month Premium Membership to Anafore from Tip Junkie. The winners were asked to write a quick review of the application. This has no basis on my review. All the thoughts are my own.

Anafore Ignite is a customer referral program that is very easy to use. Everything is completely automated so you can just sit back and watch the sales roll in.

How it works – When your customers make a purchase, we send them an email that they can forward to refer friends to your store. Friends are given a discount when they buy from your store, and customers are rewarded with a referral bonus discount when their friends make a purchase. We automatically track referrals and notify your customers when they become eligible for their referral bonus. Friends who have made a purchase become new customers, and the referral cycle starts over again.

Pricing – Pricing is simple and performance-based. You are charged only when someone clicks through to visit your online store. Each click costs 65¢ and you are billed monthly. There is a one month risk-free trial and no set up fee.”

Setting up the application is so easy. It took me 10 minutes. You can install the Etsy app directly from their website, Anafore Ignite for Etsy or you can read more about the app on the Anafore Ignite App page on Etsy. After you install the application, create an account on their website. Complete the Getting Started Guide which is where you customize your referral emails by adding your logo, what you want it to say and the discount codes (you have to create on Etsy first). Then you need to place a snippet of code they give you on the success page of your site and make sure that they are sent an email when a purchase is made. To make the last step very easy, you can use their API to automatically integrate your store with the application.

All done, after that once a purchase is made the buyer automatically receives an email with the referral information. When they refer someone who makes a purchase they also get a discount.

This is the perfect application to help get your customers spread the word about your Etsy shop. I would definitely recommend signing up for the Free 30 Day Trial to at least try it out. As long as you cancel before your 30 days are up, you will not get charged…I highly doubt you will cancel though. I have been using the application for about a month and my product views have doubled.

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