Fabric Labels from LuckyLu Creations

Because I have a serious addiction to buying handmade products when I started looking around for labels for my crochet pieces I of course searched for a small handmade business. I found exactly what I was looking for in LuckyLu Creations.

I wanted labels just like the ones on clothing that you buy in stores where it is a long strip folded in half. I sent LuckyLu many emails and they sent me some proofs to choose from. I was able to choose the font, font size and even had the option of adding a picture (which I decided not to do). I primarily wanted a label with my brand (The Steady Hand), my website, the care instructions and MADE IN THE USA.

Here is a picture of the uncut fabric sheet of labels that I received:

I only paid $10 for 1 sheet – shipping not included. Based on the size of the font there are 42 labels on this one sheet. Not bad for $10. I have not cut into the sheet and used any of the labels yet. I am still trying to figure out what items to add them to. Once I try them out though I will be sure to post on here how they work out.

Do you add labels to your crochet pieces? If so, what labels do you use? Do you like them?

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