Feature: Carameli Creations

For today’s featured post please welcome Melissa, the hands behind Carameli Creations!

You can find Melissa on the Carameli Creations (ETSY) Facebook Page, Carameli Creations Etsy Shop and as Carameli27 on Pinterest. Take a peek at some of her items below – all available for sale in her Etsy Shop. Then scroll down to read more about Melissa and how she started crafting.

Small Autumn Wreath – $15

This lovely, lightweight, Handmade Autumn wreath is made with felt leaves on a twig wreath. Several of the leaves have glitter lining each edge for a festive feel. Each flower is hand-cut assembled with care, along with the berries. Wire hanger attached for easy hanging (not pictured). The wreath is 2 oz. and 5.5″ all around.

Funky Citrus Hairclips (Orange-Yellow) – $7.50

These cute, funky citrus Hair Barrettes are for the sweetness in all of us! Perfect for the spring or summer, they measure 1.25 inches by .75 inch long.

Santa Sled Christmas Ornament – $9.99

Santa’s riding his sled, pulling plastic holly with glitter tips & berries; a pinecone, a plastic candy cane, and a decorative candy cane-colored ball. The ornament measures 5 inches high & 4.5 inches long.

Flower Card SET of 4 (Blank) – $7.99

These blank cards were designed and constructed by Carameli Creations. Individuals can be purchased as well https://www.etsy.com/listing/86364477/green-greeting-card-blank. Each card is Blank and measures 4″ x 5.5″.

My name is Melissa and I was born and bred in Los Angeles. My degree is in English, and dabbled in an Art Minor at Loyola Marymount University, also in Los Angeles. I’ve always been crafty coming from a line of artisans including my mother and both my grandmothers. I also have a couple of Aunts who are gourmet cooks so creativity has always been prevalent in each side of my family.

My mother and both of my Grandmothers used to host/participate a Craft Boutique in the 1980s which I was a part of called The Holiday Belles Boutique in Los Angeles. I was about 10 but I never forgot what fun it is to create and display my art – and watch it sell! Fast forward 20+ years, I’m earning a living with my desk job but needed more CREATIVITY in my life. After pondering for several months in 2011 what I should do, I decided to open an Etsy Shop! “Meli” is my nickname and “Cara” is “dear” in Italian so I thought “Carameli” would be a sweet name for a store. It’s also sweet like caramel as well! I had unfinished projects from my teenage years in the 90s and finished everything in late 2011 to get ready for the Christmas rush and made additional items as preparation, and took off from there!

Although I have been invited to Craft Fairs, I haven’t been a part of any, enjoying selling casually from my home. I’ve come to love Christmas time: all the excitement from other sellers and with my own inspiration from Pinterest, Etsy and photography comes a profitable time but I love making Ornaments the most!

I’ve dabbled in Knitting, and can’t crochet to save my life, so I prefer working with constructing with paper, felt and other plastics. I’d be lost without my glue gun!

Other hobbies I enjoy are watching movies: Argo is my favorite at the moment and saw Les Miserables in the theater; live music; museums, interior design, gardening, history & architecture; foodie – I LOVE trying (new) restaurants; plus shopping and scouring Outdoor marketplaces. I just went to Rome and Paris last year and am hoping to get back to Europe soon: one of my hugest inspirations and obsessions as well!

Please check out my mother’s Shop, Angelibellesboutique, my direct inspiration!

Thank you Melissa for letting us feature you here on The Steady Hand Blog!


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