Feature: Crafty Houston Blog (Keeping Houston Crafty)

Today’s feature post is all about Crafty Houston!


Crafty Houston is a Houston blog and crafter, artisan, entrepreneur, business group dedicated to providing homemade and self-taught artists who turn their hobby into a business with resources, reviews, and a bit of patronage.

Please welcome the lady behind Crafty Houston, Elizabeth! Be sure to visit Elizabeth on the Crafty Houston Facebook Page or @CraftyHouston on Twitter.

When and why did you start Crafty Houston?

To make a long story short, after attempting to maintain my own craft business, The Abbey Diaper Designs, while constantly searching for local small business resources that cater to craft business owners I found that Houston was missing an important local resource. One where we, home based craft entrepreneurs, could find the resources that usually take so much valuable time to research and find all in one place. So I began Crafty Houston where I blog about my experiences traveling throughout Houston & Texas to visit and shop regional craft businesses and events, I meet and bark for select craft artists, attend craft workshops and attempt to complete the occasional craft project. But what I love most about having begun Crafty Houston is that it provides me a platform to share awesome local resources that cater to the smallest of small businesses, the home based craft business. I’ve even begun to realize how much more I enjoy finding and sharing the resources than the actual act of crafting. (Just kidding!) I love to be helpful and can’t imagine a better way to show my appreciation of the talent in the Houston craft community.

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Do you make and sell handmade items as well?

I continue to make, I do not currently sell although I’m not opposed to the idea of it. I just feel better suited towards advocating for the Houston crafting community. Crafty Houston has done something for me that my home based craft business could not, validating that there is a need to organize and make resources that cater to craft business owners more available. And for me, that’s enough to wholeheartedly give my craft business up to pursue finding and sharing the resources that all home based business owners must come across in their quest to succeed.

Tell us more about CraftyHouston…is it like a membership group? 

As much as I like the idea of Crafty Houston being a membership based group, we are not currently. We is me, I am Crafty Houston. Crafty Houston is currently my personal picks for the best of the best of both what Houston has to offer patrons looking to purchase local handmade goods and the resources available to those makers of local handmade goods. All written in my own personal style of encouraging, sporadic, DIY, and off beat ramblings. This year I am adding projects I complete around the home and classes that I find locally to help me develop the various crafts I am capable of completing. Currently the only requirement to be a part of Crafty Houston is to simply support crafting businesses in Houston. It wouldn’t hurt for craft business supporters to slap one of our badges on their websites so that we can spread the word about keeping Houston crafty.

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Well there you go folks! I love that Elizabeth is crafty blogger and is promoting handmade artisans in the town that she lives in. If you live in Houston and make handmade items…jump on board! Head on over to CraftyHouston and grab a button or leave a comment to show your support. Have a great day everyone!

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