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Please welcome Susan (also known as Crochet Addict)!

Your son is adorable! Please tell us a little more about yourself.

I am a 30 something (nearly 40) married mother with a 5-year-old son.  I work part-time on a helpdesk. I am a complete Crochet Addict!  I am in the process of learning Tunisian Crochet and hope to learn to Knit later on in the year.  I suffer from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and came to crochet as some sites advised that it could help with a number of the symptoms.  I love to make things that make people smile so mostly make animal themed items for kids (and big kids).

Do you think crocheting has helped with the symptoms you experience? You should talk to Kathryn over at Crochet Concupiscence. She is writing a book about the mental and physical benefits of Crochet. Tell us more about what you make and sell…

I mostly make and sell animal themed items for kids (and big kids) such as hats & scarfs.  I started because I wanted something that I could make that people would get enjoyment out of and make them laugh. My son is my inspiration, he often decides on the animal and the colour. I do a lot of research as I like to be as unique as possible. I mainly use acrylic yarn as kids hat need to be easily washable.  I love hunting different shops and websites to get just the right colour.  We have a local market where most of my yarn comes from.

Animal themed items are big sellers, at least I think so. Most kids, big and small, have a favorite animal. I know my daughter’s is the Panda (kind of funny since that is the pattern I tested for you!). Show us some of your favorite pieces.

“This is the first set I ever made for my son.”

The elephant is adorable! I can just see my daughter putting that on and trying to sound like an elephant…lol.

“The very first thing I made. I learned to crochet from you tube. I made this for my son and he still loves it.”

YouTube has helped me to figure out some difficult stitches!

You can order items, buy patterns and see what’s ready-to-ship on Susan’s website, SusanD1408 Crochet Addict.

Are you running any sales at the moment?

I have a sale running at the moment until February 5th with only a £3 for P&P for international buyers.

15% Discount from 01/29/12 – 02/05/12 on my Ready-To-Ship Items.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Susan from Crochet Addict today and I hope that you visit her on some her sites. Thanks for stopping by!

If you would like to featured here on The Steady Hand blog, please send me an email at aprile@thesteadyhandblog.com. Thanks!

8 comments to Feature – Crochet Addict

  • CrochetBlogger

    Aw, thanks for mentioning me. I’m definitely still looking for some final interviews for the crochet health book so anyone reading this that feels like crochet has helped them heal in any way should get in touch with me through the Crochet Concupiscence site.

    Susan and I have definitely been in contact. I love what she’s doing with her crochet and blogging and it’s great to see her featured here!

  • Poetesswug

    What a nice feature! I’m impressed with her crochet animal making skills. I tried one bear…themed my etsy shop after him…and will never do it again!! LOL I’ll keep my eye on hers though!

    • The Steady Hand

      Thanks for stopping by! Folks love those animal hats…I don’t crochet them much either just because it takes a special skill to do all the detailing. I checked out your Etsy Shop. Cute stuff! Love your Yoyo circles bag.

  • Poetesswug

    Thank you very much for the nice words! 🙂 That yoyo bag was intense!! I won’t make another one unless that one sells. It was fun, but time consuming.

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