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Please welcome, Melanie…the hands behind the Curious Little Bird!

(Just have to say that I LOVE this picture!)

Melanie makes and sells adorable plush and needle felted monsters. You can find Melanie on her sites listed below:
Curious Little Bird Shop
Curious Little Bird Blog
Curious Little Bird Facebook Page

Here is Melanie to tell us about herself:

My name is Melanie, and I studied graphic designer and illustration back in 2004, and I worked in this field since I left college.

In 2008, I made monsters for a design mailer project, but never went through with it. In 2011, I took those monsters and decided to sell them to the public. I received a lot of really positive feedback, and my first craft fair was really successful, and from that moment on I decided to start my own business making and selling monsters full-time.

Now I own and run Curious Little Bird, and have launched a line of furry monsters that will tickle your fancy. Everything is handcrafted in my studio in my apartment, and I create my little monsters with love and care, making sure that each and every one looks professional.

Tell us more about what you make!

I make and sell furry and cotton monsters, as well as plaid foxes, and skinny bunnies in flannelette. I make mostly monsters because that’s the original idea I had back in 2008 when I moved to Montreal, and it stuck with me. Monsters are fun because they don’t have to look like anything specific, and that’s what makes them monsterific.

I also make foxes out of up-cycled plaid shirts, and skinny bunnies which people really like. In the end, my monsters are the most popular!

What is your inspiration? What supplies do you use?

I get most of my inspiration from all over; people, photographs, movies, books and art.  Drawing comes naturally to me, as an illustrator, and I always make sure to keep all my rough sketches. I keep a monster ‘book’ of all my sketches and drawings to use whenever I need an idea, and to document any current ideas I have. This book can come in handy because it helps me to see what I’ve done in the past.

My supplies are mostly fake fur in all sorts of colours, felt, patterned and solid cotton/polyester blends, flannelette, fleece, and the occasional rare piece of fabric I get from someone. It’s important to save money wherever I can, so I don’t buy my fabrics and stuffing in retail locations unless there’s a really good deal. I’ve found suppliers that provide what I need at greatly reduced prices than what you would find at the local fabric store. My stuffing is bought in bulk from a stuffing factory. My very first buy from them was two huge vacuumed bags, each weighing 36 kg, and it was less than $200. That’s enough stuffing to last me half a year or more!

This is a brand new monster I created out of a cashmere sweater just a few days ago. I love this monster because it’s huge (48 cm wide, 45 cm tall (sitting), and about 27 cm from front to back). She’s also huggable, and the style is in keeping with the rest of my plush. She’s going to be my mascot at an upcoming 4-day salon event of artists and artisans.

This is another one of my favorite monsters. Her name is Berry, and she’s really soft. I love the colour combination of pink fur with orange spikes, and the mint green horns coming out of the top of her head. I have a thing for really bright colour combinations. Perhaps it’s my illustrator/graphic designer background. But I love how they go so well together.

My favorite is Berry. I love the colors and mint green horns. Just adorable! Thank you so much Melanie for telling us more about yourself and what you make.

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