Feature: Devilishly Delicious Dips (Homemade Spice and Flavor Packets)

Please welcome the owner of Devilishly Delicious Dips, Tammy! If you need a quick fix or just hate the hassle of buying a multitude of ingredients or seasonings then Devilishly Delicious Dips is one site that you should check out. Read on to find out more about Tammy and her dips.

You can also find Tammy on the Devilishly Delicious Facebook Page and as @DevilDips on Twitter.

When and how did you get started making dips?

The idea for making dips came to me Superbowl Sunday 2009.  I got invited to a lot of demonstrations and parties and I was always asked to bring dip and veggies or chips, etc.  Back then I was using Tastefully Simple for everything but I thought that I could probably make my own.  I asked my husband what he thought and he told me to go for it.  Fortunately, I inherited my knack of cooking with out a recipe from my grandmother and this came pretty easy for me.  All of these recipes (besides the ones that are my gram’s) are my very own creations and I make every dip by hand one at a time in its own packet.  This is the only way I can be sure each and every dip gets my exact recipe (instead of making in bulk).  I also try to remind people that you do NOT have to make dip with the packets and can use them simply as seasonings.  I do have a recipe section on my website and am always looking for ideas.

onion dip - devildips.com

This is a picture of my onion dip (with out the label so you can see the product). All dip mixes are $4.00 and the directions and ingredients are on the label (not shown) but you simply mix the whole packet with 1 cup of sour cream and chill a minimum of 2 hours (over night preferred). I also have Taco, Garlic Lovers, Dillicious, Loaded Baked Tater for savory and Birthday Cake, Warm Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate Malt, Lemonade, Butterscotch Sprinkle, and Pineapple Coconut for sweet dips.

Do you have an actual retail location or do you sell at shows? Do you have any upcoming shows?

I do not have a retail location and sell mainly on my website.  I try to sell at a few shows a year, when I can, and mostly around Christmas.  I do not have any shows coming up as it’s tax season and I get very busy this time of year.

birthday cake dessert mix - devildips.com

This is a picture of Birthday Cake dessert mix. All dessert mixes are $8.00. You mix the entire packet with 1 container of cool whip and 1 soften brick of cream cheese for a no-bake cheese cake or just the cool whip and freeze to make a lighter frozen pie. Birthday Cake is in honor of our Relay for Life team and 50% of the proceeds from this dip go to our team. I also have Warm Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate Malt, Lemonade, Butterscotch Sprinkle and Pineapple Coconut.

What are your best-selling items?

My best-selling item is probably the Taco Dip.  It’s just very universal.  A lot of customers love it just as dip, but I also use it for my tacos and chili.  In fact, my husband pouts if I use a store-bought taco mix because he likes mine better.  Maybe he’s biased, I don’t know 😉

Dry Rub - devildips.com

This is Benton’s Sweet Black Pepper Dry Rub. All dry rubs are $5.00. You can use these in two ways, simply rub it dry on your favorite meat/chicken/fish or mix with a little bit of olive oil then marinade or pour on meat/fish/chicken/veggies. These were my grandmother’s recipes which is why they are named after her. Right now I only have this one and Benton’s Blackened Rub, but there are two more I am working on.

Which one is your personal favorite?

My personal favorite is Chocolate Malt.  I originally came up with this one for my dad, who loves malt but I ended up like it a lot.  I don’t even dip anything in it, I just eat it with a spoon!

seasoning salt - devildips.com

This is Benton’s Seasoning Salt. It is also only $5.00 and my grandmother’s recipe.

What are you currently working on?

I don’t make anything else right now but I do have plans to make bread and soup mixes in the future.  I do have flavors of the month which usually aren’t any of my normal dip flavors.

Mmmmm…after checking out her website I definitely want to try the Warm Cinnamon Sugar Mix. Sounds yummy! What mix would you like to try?

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  • Krystal

    I have been making my own spices, seasoning, hot coco mix, and gravy mixes for for a few years now. They are so much better than the store bought ones and healthier also! Keep it up!

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