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Hope you all had a great week! Today, I am featuring a crafter that loves to work with her hands. Please welcome Ilze, the hands behind Ilze’s Creations Etsy shop.

My name is Ilze. I come from small, but beautiful country – Latvia. I learned knitting and crochet when I was quite young, only about 10 years old. I was interested in crafting techniques such as tying and weaving. I learned my “first steps” from books and my mother also helped me. With time, I improved my skills and learned lots of new crafts like sewing, felting, embroidery and other techniques. Other than crafting I also like computer design, but I decided not to go that way. I like to create with my hands, feel materials and to see real result.

I completely agree with you! I like to create something and see a finished product.

Exotic felt flower brooch by IlzesCreations

I think I was born with a love for crafting and art in my blood. My great-grandmother was a teacher in a craft school. Both my grandmothers made cloth for the family and by request for others. My mother is artist-jeweler. My grandfather was an actor and musician, well… that is also an art!  Also, I know there are woodcrafters in my family tree.

You definitely come from a long-line of crafters!

Felt flower brooch by IlzesCreations

I always like to experiment and make something new. Making items handmade, I can express myself and relax. That is how I can learn lots of new things from the world, nature and myself. If I want to make unique and good crafts, then I can’t stop to research, learn and develop. I always try to turn my ideas into reality. The result is not always what I had imagined, but every time I can learn something new from that. I’m getting inspiration from color combinations, nature, flowers and my mood. For example, I got inspired from a photo with a bee from my garden and I made felt bee hair clips!

Finding inspiration from nature and the world around us, creates the most beautiful art work.

Bee from garden by IlzesCreations

Felt bumble bee by IlzesCreations inspired by picture above.

Some time ago I was thinking to join Etsy, but I wasn’t quite sure yet. Then some friends asked me to make a logo for their new Etsy shop. I got inspired by that and joined Etsy. My favorite handmade techniques are felting, crocheting and embroidery, therefore I’m offering felt flower brooches, felt iPhone cases, hair clips, crochet hats and other felt and crochet accessories. In most cases as materials for my crafts I’m using natural wool, cotton, linen. Mostly I’m using felt which I had felted with hands.  In some cases I use novelty and other decorative yarns and materials to make some accent, different texture.

With each piece of work, I make with love and patience because I enjoy what I’m doing and I hope others also will enjoy results of my work!

To other handmade artists I suggest – Never stop to learn, be creative and most important unique!

Thanks for the great advice!

Felt iphone case by IlzesCreations

Thank you so much Ilze for telling us a little more about you and sharing your wonderful pictures with us. If you would like to see more of Ilze’s beautiful items, check out her Etsy shop and Blog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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