Feature Post: Three Sisters Ranting and Raving

Hi there folks!

So I came across this blog that I just had to tell you about: Three Sisters Ranting and Raving.

Wouldn’t you know it that I have 2 sisters so that would make us 3 sisters as well. I think it is so awesome that these three sisters are writing a blog together. You can see their different personalities by the posts that they write.

The following post was written by all three sisters and in it you have the chance to enter and win an amazing Gift Set: May Giveaway – Flawless Gift Set.

This post was written by Middle Sister and in it she shares her super-secret tips for the Magic Kingdom: Shhh Keep these Tips Between You and Me! My Favorite Tips for Magic Kingdom.

This last post that I am going to share with you is written by Sister #1: Flying with Kids.

Check out their blog, read their posts and let me know which one is your favorite sister!

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I'd love to hear what you think!

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