Feature: Treasures Made From Yarn

Today I am featuring Julie! The hands behind the Treasures Made From Yarn blog.

Please give a warm welcome to Julie! Here are some other places you can find her and say “Hi!”
Treasures Made From Yarn Facebook page

And her other blogs:
Just Winging It – about food
Kitty Par-TAY – about cats
Wordless – pictures

Here is Julie to tell us about herself:

My name is Julie Huston, I originally grew up in Kaukauna, WI, but currently live in Lincoln, NE.  I am married with 5 children and 6 grandchildren.  I had served 21 years in the Air Force working in electronics. I currently work in a manufacturing plant as a production technician.

I remember being shown had to crochet as a child and had done a few projects as a teenage and young adult, but it wasn’t until the mid 1990’s that I decided to do it as hobby. I had picked up some crochet magazines and thought myself to crochet again and read patterns.

What got me into blogging initially was a way to show off photos of my work to online communities.  I had people starting to ask me for a pattern every time I showed a picture of my work. Many times I did not follow a pattern, so I started writing out patterns for many of my projects.  My most popular pattern is my baby hat, I wrote this based on the square pattern I found in a baby sweater.

Other popular patterns include Small Shell Socks

And the first pattern I wrote, Thong Socks

Those are some great patterns! Thanks for sharing them with us Julie.

I thought about doing giveaways and product reviews, but for the moment I currently just feature my patterns and regularly posts about my crochet and knitting projects. I do constantly had ideas for new patterns. I have a lacy scarf and a shelled shawl in mind and hope to have these patterns up in a few months.  So do check back often for new additions to my list of patterns.

Thanks so much for letting me feature you here on The Steady Hand Blog, Julie and I look forward to your new patterns!

If you would like to be featured here on The Steady Hand Blog, please email me at aprile@thesteadyhandblog.com. Thank you!

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