February 10 – potty training woes and more

So I think today is the longest day EVER!!!! My hubby is coming home tonight and you would not know that I missed him or anything since I have been watching the seconds tick by.

Abby is not much better. She has been very emotional all week. It has not helped me any since I am really trying to get her potty-trained right now. She doesn’t mind sitting on the potty but getting her to sit on it every hour and you get screaming tantrum child. I mean…really? If my sister can potty train her kids than I should be able to as well. It just doesn’t seen possible at this point. If anyone has any tips or pointers on this, please comment. I need all the help I can get.

I have started crocheting another purse. I think the previous one I made came out really well.

So the purse I am working on now uses U-shaped handles not round ones like the one above. I am also going to be using 2 contrasting colors instead of one solid color. I will post pictures of my progress once I actually make any. The pattern I am using is not as easy as it looks so I am taking my time with it.

Just wondering if anyone out there is looking for something crocheted and have not been able to find it? Like a specific type of hat or shawl? Let me know! I love custom orders and creating my own patterns. Since I crochet all the time I think I have crochet block so if anyone has any ideas of something new and different let me know!

Thank you for reading and I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow!

6 comments to February 10 – potty training woes and more

  • Jennifer

    LOVE that purse! Cant wait to see how the new one comes out 🙂

  • Sarah

    alright,so I just potty trained my daughter. What I found helped was to not set her on the potty every hour. Just at regular times. as soon as she got up, after breakfast, after lunch, after nap, after dinner, and before bed. And i just asked her to sit for a second. She seemed to catch on very quickly with this method. I also changed her in the bathroom. hope that helps a little. good luck.

  • amazey

    Sarah, thank you for your comment. I think I will try that method next week. I am going to give her a couple days to calm down. If I even mention the potty she freaks out right now. I was putting her on the potty occasionally then someone told me that I needed to put her on it like every 20 minutes which I thought was excessive. But every hour is also too much for her. Thanks for your input and I really hope this works or is at least less stressful for her!

  • Clara

    Love this purse. Wow, potty training for my daughter was ages ago but I do recall focusing too much on it only set back all the work that led up to that point. I treated it very matter of factly like telling her she'd better go sit on the potty so we could get ready to go out and it worked.

  • amazey

    @ClaraThanks Clara. I think the pressure of being a parent and teaching your children all these things at a certain time does take a toll on you. I mean the pediatrician is there telling not to wait, other mothers are telling me they did it when their kids were not even 2 yet. But I think my daughter is on her own schedule and when she is ready it will go smoothly. No just when that will happen I don't know but hopefully soon! I can't wait to stop buying diapers!

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