February 8

2011 seems to be flying by faster than normal…we are already 2 months in and I still feel like it just started. I guess this is what happens when you keep yourself busy.

This morning I had a doctor appointment and I had to bring Abby with me since Daddy is in AZ. I had all her stuff put together last night: snacks, portable dvd player and elmo figures. I thought I was prepared. NOOOOO! Getting her into her car seat took me 10 minutes since she was fighting me. I swear she knows when we need to be somewhere at a specific time because she doesn’t do this any other time. When we arrived at the doctor’s office she of course thought the acoustics in there where great or something because she picked the perfect time to sing at the top of her lungs. Once we made it back to the room she ran for it and me and the nurse were running after her and managed to catch her in the doctor’s office while she was climbing on her chair. Oh yeah…this could be a clip out of a late night comedy but at that moment it was soooo not funny!

After that fiasco…we went to the library for story time so she could calm down a little and then to Chik-Fil-A for some lunch and playtime. I wanted her to take a long, long nap. At Chik-Fil-A there was this little boy in the play area who was too cute!!! He walked in telling me and my friend that we were strangers and that he had to be careful of us because we might take him away. Then he just kept talking…I can’t remember anything else he said because I was just laughing sooo much. He was so straight-forward and serious that it was just hilarious…but I needed a good laugh.

Onto the crochet stuff:

I finished this diaper cover last night. I used a pattern from www.polkadotposh.com(Cassi Ence). Her Newborn Button-Strap Visor Beanie and Diaper Cover Set. I just haven’t added the buttons yet as I need to go get some. The markers are where the buttons will go.

Here it is with the straps open.

And it completely open.

Here is the hat I finished today.

If you look closely you can see the strap on the hat. I just need the buttons and then I can attach it. Once I finish them completely with the buttons I will post pictures of the complete set. The pattern was great and these are fast and easy to work up especially since they are for Newborns.

I have decided that with all my leftover of yarn around I am going to start crocheting little balls, eggs or anything like that just to get rid of them. My previous idea was to keep them all and do a blanket but I have so many different weights and types of yarns that it would be a very weird blanket.

Sorry this was so long…let me know what you think. Comments are always welcome!!!

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  • amazey

    I would say that I may be a little talented when it comes to a hook…I mean a can make things but more talented than someone else…no. I may be good at what I do but then so are you! I have check out your sites and I am following your blog!

  • Carolee Sperry

    Gotta love kids 🙂

    You are much more talented than I am!

    Visiting from CafeMom….

    I have a few blogs:

    Blogging Biz Mom

    Working At Home Advice

    Come on home

    Have a great day!

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