First Zoo visit this year!

Yesterday was our first visit to the Fort Worth Zoo this year. We went with our good friend and her son in the afternoon. Luckily the weather was great, not too hot and since it was during the week the zoo was pretty empty. It took Abby a while to really get into it. This week has been a little harder for her with Daddy gone. But near the end she started to really notice the animals. Her favorite I think was the Elephant…it was the easiest one to see!
TheĀ  bird exhibit where you can feed the birds seeds-on-a-stick was closed but I remember doing that last year and she loved it so we are going to go again once they re-open that.

We also checked out their MOLA exhibit. I am not a fan of the creep crawlies but it was beautiful and much larger than I expected. I think my husband would love all that stuff…spiders, centipedes, ugh!
After the zoo, we had a delicious meal cooked by our great friend! Abby had so much fun playing at her friend’s house with all their cool toys that she doesn’t have. Once we got home, Abby was so tired she just kind of sat around until it was time for bed. It was really great to see considering most of the time it is almost a fight for her to go to bed. Definitely want to do it again!

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