Follower Appreciation Giveaway and Update

Just a little reminder that my Follower Appreciation Giveaway ends this Sunday night at 9 PM CST. All you have to do is enter a comment under the post with your email address…easy peasy!

Here are some other giveaways ending this weekend listed on my Ongoing Giveaway Linky!
(5/14) Lilla Rose Handmade Hair Jewelry Giveaway – US & CAN
(5/14) SeatPak Giveaway – US

The last couple days have been pretty stressful for me. Hubby left for Las Vegas last night for training. He will be back late Saturday night. I am not used to him leaving so late in the week so my rhythm is completely off.

Blogger off course being down made me absolutely nuts. I am a control freak and I felt like I was loosing my mind. I still do…so I have started the process of moving my blog to WordPress and over to my own domain. There is so much work to do…I don’t even want to think about it anymore. My head is going to explode. But at least when it is done, I won’t have to worry about anything going down and I will own my own little piece of the internet real estate.

Top it all off, our Community Garage Sale is tomorrow. With Joe being gone, I have a friend coming over to watch Abby while I sweat it out in the garage all day. I am trying to get rid of all of Abby’s old clothes and toys as well as more decor stuff that I have no idea where we got or why we even have it. Candle holders, bowls, little statues…where does it all come from?

After that, in the afternoon, Abby and I have a 2nd Birthday Party to attend. That should be fun for Abby since they will be having a bounce house, face painting and all sorts of goodies. By the time they are singing Happy Birthday I will be dosing. May need to go thru Starbucks drive-thru on the way. At least, Hubby will be home tomorrow night…even though it is late.

Sleep doesn’t exist when you have a child or when you blog!!

2 comments to Follower Appreciation Giveaway and Update

  • Megan @ Loving the little things

    Ah, it’s rough having your better half gone. I hope everything goes smoothly in his absence!

    I have given a LOT of thought to self hosting and wordpress. I’d really love to hear your thoughts once you do so. I just know that I don’t have the knowledge to do so right now, and nor do I have the time to learn. Sigh.

    • The Steady Hand

      Things never go smoothly when he is gone…lol. It is like a whirlwind but at least it goes by quickly.

      Well, I am almost done getting everything moved over. I knew that I wouldn’t have time, patience or knowledge to do it myself so I hired the services of Blogelina to help me with the transfer. I had to buy my own domain and I got one free year of hosting by signing up for Blogelina’s Affiliate program thru GoDaddy. So far everything has been going great. Learning to use WordPress is not as hard as I thought but it is definitely more involved than Blogger. I will put up a blog post about the switch over once everything is done. Thanks!

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