Free Crochet Jewelry Patterns – July 2013

I have decided to start dating some of my Free Crochet Pattern blog posts because if I don’t I am sure that eventually I will have 10 or more posts with the same name! If you like to crochet (like me) and love free patterns (like me) then you are probably on Ravelry all the time. Ravelry for me is like Pinterest to some people. Once I start searching before I know it 2 hours have passed and I have 30 new crochet patterns saved or printed out. Here are 4 FREE crochet jewelry patterns that I recently came across and added to my to-do list:

Free Crochet Jewelry Patterns

1. Crochet-texture necklace by Lia Govers

2. Curly lace bracelet by Lia Govers

3. Gothic bracelet by Lia Govers

4. Scarf-lace by Liz Lindo

Please share your crochet jewelry patterns (or your favorites) in the comments below. Thanks!

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